Truck Bodies

Truck Body Specialist, a division of Truck dotCom, specialises in the manufacture and supply of truck bodies and superstructures.  Our range of products is varied, but we do have a range of more common products as follows: 



Box Vans  Our standard box vans range in size from 10 footer to 26 footer. The main body is built with the use of automotive adhesive. Without the use of rivets, our box van bodies will have no pock marks, giving them a flawless streamlined finish.


Mixer Drums  Our mixer drums range in volume from 4 cu metre to 14 cu metre. They are made of Durostat high tensile steel and comply to all international standards.




Dump Vessels  Our dump vessels range in size from 4 cu metre to 10 cu metre.  Unlike others, our dump vessels are of full weld, giving no ingress of rust through the welding joints.

Oil Tankers  We have two range of oil tankers, the 18,000 litre rigid chassis tanker and the 27,000 litre trailer mounted tanker.

Vacuum Tankers  In 1987, our company was the first in Singapore to produce vacuum tankers.  Since then our range of vacuum tankers vary from 350 gallon to 3000 gallon.  In addition we also produce combination units, with high pressure jetting capability.


Tow Trucks  Our tow trucks range in size from 2 tonne lifting capacity to 20 tonne lifting capacity.  In addition, we have a full range of optional equipment to complement the tow trucks.

Specialised Trucks
   In addition to the above range of truck bodies produced by us, we customise superstructures to suit customers' requirements.  Among specialised trucks built by us are multi-purpose utility trucks, mobile control towers, dental buses, chemical tankers, catering trucks etc.


Others   Among other common truck bodies not listed above but which we can supply are water tankers, road sweepers, rear-loaders, hook-lift trucks, tarpaulin trucks etc 
Truck Bodies
Truck Bodies
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