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Certificate of Entitlement (COE)

Click the above 'COE' to view the  COE prices for commercial vehicles. Here you can see the historical COE prices and allocation for the past five years.

Registration of New Trucks

Click the above 'Registration of New Trucks' to learn how to register a new vehicle with LTA.

Truck Distributors in Singapore

Click the above 'Truck Distributors in Singapore' to see the websites of the various distributors of commercial vehicles in Singapore.
Trucks Manufacturer
Truck Manufacturers
Trucks Manufacturer

Click the above 'Truck Manufacturers' to visit the websites of the various truck manufacturers whose trucks can be found plying the roads of Singapore.

Singapore Road Map

This road map is provided by the Singapore Government through the auspices of the LTA (Land Transport Authority).  To enlarge the area of the map for viewing, move the mouse to the area of interest.  Left click the mouse button and drag the mouse over the area you want to enlarge. Release the left button.

Traffic Smart

This is a website provided by LTA to assist motorists in knowing in advance the road conditions in Singapore.  With this website, you can tell in advance of ERP operating hours and cost, traveling speed of all major roads, road works as well as pictures taken by road cameras.

Truck Bodies

We have a wide range of truck bodies that cater to your differing needs. More common among them are box vans, mixer drums and dump trucks. However we also customised them to suit your requirements.

Truck Accessories

In addition to the various types of truck bodies, we also have a wide range of truck accessories like air-conditioners, road speed limiters, air purifiers etc to make truck driving more comfortable.

Truck Services

Besides providing all types of truck body and accessory products, we also provide truck-related services like spray painting, logo writing and rust-proofing.

Truck Finance

We arrange competitive financing packages for you to purchase trucks and truck-related equipment. Check out our financing rate and you will know why.

New Trucks

A wide range of Mitsubishi trucks are available for your selection. In addition, we also link you to trucks of other makes.

Used Trucks

We provide a web-page for you to buy and sell used trucks, absolutely free.

Latest Offer

Every time you view this web-site, you will see an item on special offer.

Forum Page

Share your opinions here with fellow truck owners on current events.

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